PWay Pro

Empowering Innovations with Seamless Integration

What is PWay Pro?

PWay Pro is a plugin that seamlessly integrates with Open Rail Designer. PWay Pro offers numerous tools to enhance your engineering workflows and boost your productivity. Save time and money whilst improving accuracy with Way Pro!

Included Tools

Sleeper Placement

Place sleeper cells along your alignment. Sleepers are orientated to grade and applied cant/superelevation.

Optional algorithm will re-space end sleepers to provide a suitable transition from new to existing.

Check Integrity

Quickly and easily check the integrity of your horizontal and vertical alignments.

Specify the accuracy required for your integrity checks.

Cant Editor

A much more responsive cant editor similar to Bentley Rail Track. Edit your cant and speed within the same form and without the delay of re-loading.

Cant Import

Import your cant and speed data from a CSV file.

Plan to Profile

Quickly and easily mark locations in your profile model from tracking along your alignment in plan.

Comparative Tracking

See important information from two alignments at the same time. Allows you to compare key alignment metrics including elevation, curvature and offsets.

Turnout to Profile

Quickly and easily display the locations of all your turnouts in your profile model.

Curve Details

Annotate curves and transitions with important geometry fields. Highly configurable with the ability to save your settings.

Geometry Tables

Annotate your geometry in tabular form to TfNSW standards.

Turnout Annotation

Quickly and easily annotate the points of a turnout to TfNSW standards.

Save all your settings to json for easy sharing of settings.

Simplify Annotation

Convert smart civil annotations to standard microstation text elements without having to go through the export process.

Intersections in Profile

Quickly and easily show alignment intersections on your profile. Intersecting element can be any type of linear geometry.

Named Boundary Organiser

Move named boundaries between named boundary groups.

Geometry Report

Quickly view key geometry properties in tabular form without needing to create a report.

Copy Verticals

Copy/project verticals between alignments using a very simple UI with drop down lists.

Additional tools coming soon!

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